About Us

Beginning in 2017, Heritage Barnwood Company began with one simple purpose, to tell America’s history and bring it to life through quality furniture that can be cherished for its quality and passed down for generations. Now our vision has become a reality, with custom furniture and fixtures made from American reclaimed barn wood.

Our custom made furniture is handcrafted and made with care using only the best quality barn wood from Midwest barns. Each piece also comes with its very own plaque attached that describes the history and origin of the barn that was used in the making of that particular furniture, making your item one-of-a-kind. Our goal is to not let history disappear, but let it live for years to come.

We also provide reclaimed barn wood for other projects as well. From barn wood flooring to accent wall coverings, our stock of recycled lumber can be used for many projects in homes, board rooms, wineries, bar establishments and restaurants. We maintain a vast inventory including barn siding and planks, barn beams, dimensional stock, barn doors, and even antique barn hardware. If there is something you are looking for, our goal is to help you find it, all at affordable prices.

At Heritage Barnwood Company, we want to earn your trust by making quality and affordable furniture that will bring joy to your home or business. Let us Reclaim, Repurpose, and Reimagine beautiful barn wood furniture for you today.

Heritage Barnwood Company